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My name's MAE | Filipino | 20 something | a.k.a SOULCASTER. Unpredictable at times. Passionate with ARTS and MUSIC. Loves BANDS. KID at heart. Frustrated photographer. Vocalist. Licensed Teacher. Freelance artist. A daydreamer. Affectionate with books. Loves food and pets. A very hearty-eater. This is my online journal, burn book and scrapbook. By the way, feel free to ASK or just CHAT me in my cbox below.

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Sun, Sep. 21, 2014


Testing if I still know how to use Photoshop. Pictures used were outtakes from my homework.

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Thu, Sep. 18, 2014


Portraying Pit Bulls with @sophiegamand

To see more flower-power pups, follow @sophiegamand on Instagram and check out some of Sophie’s favorite rescue accounts: @nyanimalrescue, @secondchancerescuenyc, @animalhaven, @tohanimalshelter.

New York photographer Sophie Gamand (@sophiegamand) first started the Pit Bull Flower Power series to show the breed in a new, softer light. She teamed up with several rescue groups to photograph pit bulls that were up for adoption with a new perspective to open hearts. Sophie creates headpieces for every photo shoot, patiently gluing fake flowers together in different shapes and sizes then matching the color and styles to the dog. “People are afraid of them, but the fact I was able to put flower crowns on their heads and photograph them like this says a lot about their temperament! They were all sweet and loving.”

When it comes to working with canine models, Sophie explains her process: “I make little noises behind the camera to catch their attention when I photograph the dogs, and very often they would come over to check on me and kiss me.”

On set, Sophie has a handler to help distract the dogs from the crowns delicately balanced on their heads. She views the shoot as a mini-training session for the dogs. “Usually after the shoot they are ready to go to bed.”

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Tue, Sep. 16, 2014

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Sun, Sep. 14, 2014

not a theme but a vision

not a theme but a vision

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Sun, Sep. 14, 2014

"You get depressed because you know that you’re not what you should be."

Marilyn Manson (via totsailor)

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Thu, Sep. 11, 2014


Guillaume Jolly

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Wed, Sep. 10, 2014


be still my heart


be still my heart

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Wed, Sep. 10, 2014

endless list of favourite books - The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)

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Sun, Sep. 07, 2014





"Oh captain, my captain."


DPS and a list of beautiful words? Oh yes.


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Sun, Sep. 07, 2014

Oooh saw these at the grocery store, and felt the urge to buy, so I did. Being an adventure time fanatic I bought three. Sadly, my brother ate the other one before I could even take a pic. It’s just so cute, I love staring at it. Now I find it hard to take even a single bite. It’s too cute to be just digested.